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Revolution Feeding Technology.

We develop toolings for our feeding systems ROTU and PARU. The toolings are developed by us with the help of simulation and AI. With our technology, we are revolutionizing feeding technology and contributing to modern production automation.

With Designforfeeding we would like to digitize the complete process of feeding technology from the inquiry, over our worldwide unique simulation technology up to the production and therefore extremely accelerate it. You already have the opportunity to get an AI-Analysis within 48 hours for your conveyed materials.

Operation. Simple.

CAD data of the conveyed material is enough for us to start the development of your feeding system. Changes to the conveyed material are no problem for us. We simulate with the new data and adapt the tooling in the computer. Changes to the overall layout can also be managed with ROTU and PARU. Thanks to the fast emptying, the ROTU can be reoriented and the length of the PARU flexibly adapted.



Performance meets flexibility.

  • 100% reproducible
  • Left- or right-hand rotation
  • 2-mass oscillator at 100 Hz
  • 4 possible quick emptying positions
  • No adjustment necessary on the drive

The ROTU machine architecture is independent of the conveyed material. Simply put the conveyed material into the ROTU, attach the tooling via 4 screws and start production.

A manual adjustment of the drive is not necessary. The oscillation mechanics is done with the tooling.

Bild ROTU Tooling

Tooling (ROTU)

  • High availability thanks to simulation
  • Changeover to a new material in only 2 min
  • CNC-milled / 3D-printed for full reproducibility
  • Better planning with a digitized feeding solution
  • Fast delivery within a few calendar weeks


Precision meets modularity.

  • 3 sizes - 5 lengths
  • No tilting of the linear track
  • 2-mass oscillator at 100 Hz
  • No adjustment required on the drive

The PARU system architecture is independent of the conveyed material. One linear track for the PARU fits any system of the same size.

Manual adjustment of the drive is not possible and not necessary! The structural-mechanical adjustment is done completely with the linear track.

Bild PARU Schiene

Linear Track (PARU)

  • Constant conveying and no tilting
  • Up to 10 m/min feeding speed
  • Linear track lengths: 200 mm to 1599 mm
  • Buffer function or active orientation
  • Plug & Feed - No adjustment required

Service. World Class.

We know that without functioning feeding technology, the entire customer plant stands.

Our ROTU and PARU systems are standardized machine platforms that can be easily operated even by untrained personnel. Anyone who can handle a torque wrench can handle ROTU and PARU.

Have the conditions for your conveyed material changed? Then it is possible to develop a new tooling in parallel to the current operation with our digital technologies. We adapt the tooling to the new conditions, while you continue to produce without interruption.